Downhole Tool Rentals

From downhole drilling tools to general running tools, Firethorne Drilling Services offers all the equipment you need for your drilling package.


Downhole Drilling Tool Solutions for the Permian Basin

When you need manufacturing experience and a wide selection of oil tools on hand for your next drilling project, Firethorne Drilling Services has you covered. We maintain a large inventory of drill collars, stabilizers, sub-assemblies and other downhole tools.

When it comes to manufacturing rental tools, Firethorne Drilling Services takes great pride in its high-precision machining capabilities and utilizes many CNC turning and milling devices to produce high quality standards for:

    • MWD/LWD Collars and Housings
    • Rotary Steerable Components
    • Mud Motor Components
    • Well Monitoring Components

Tool Rental Services

  • Cargo Baskets
  • Ring Gauges
  • Drill Pip Screens
  • Devil Drills
  • Welding & Repair Services
  • Roller & Double Reamers
  • Single Blade Fixed Hole Openers
  • Steel Pony Collars
  • Float Valves
  • Welded Blade Hole Openers
  • PTA Hardbanding
  • Steel & Non-Magnetic Subs
    • Rotary/Saver
    • Crossover, Lift
    • Float, Bit & Muleshoe
  • Non-Magnetic Drill Collars
    • Flex, Slick & Pony
  • Steel & Non-Magnetic Stabilizers
    • Welded/Integral Blade
    • String & Near Bit
    • Spiral & Nortrac Types

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