Accurate Wellbore Placement, Minimal Impact, Directional Drilling Services

Reach your geological targets with unmatched accuracy, efficiency and safety.


Reliable Mud Motor and MWD Equipment

Firethorne Drilling Services uses the proprietary PT Gen II Drilling Motor with oil-sealed and mud lube bearing sections to ensure the necessary performance needed to drill in the Permian Basin.

Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Services
Through industry-tested, and proven, highly accurate sensors our operators stay on-target and land in-zone effortlessly. Our operators use a combination of Mud Pulse (MP) and Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry to eliminate out-of-the-hole equipment changes and continue drilling with maximum efficiency.


Measurement While Drilling

  • Services
  • Mud Pulse (MP)
  • Electromagnetic (EM) Telemetry
  • Gamma & Resistivity
  • Continuous Inclinination (INC) & Azimuth (AZ)
  • Tool Face
  • Features
  • Reliable in high LCM environments
  • Retrievable via wireline
  • Little to no survey wait time
  • Proven, & tested, technology
  • Operational in mud, foam, air – any drilling fluid
  • Advantages
  • Tough, reliable tool string
  • On-the-fly well path deviations
  • EM allows for deeper drilling
  • Precise gamma logging
  • Real-time telemetry
  • Benefits
  • Technology improves productive time, minimizes downtime
  • Avoid missed targets
  • Avoid unintentional, and costly, well path deviations
  • EM and MP work simultaneously

Logging While Drilling (LWD)

Whether you’re working in standard or extreme drilling environments, you need a clear picture of what’s beneath the surface. Our LWD systems provide real-time data that enables on-the-fly drilling adjustments, helping you improve and increase Rate of Penetration (ROP) and wellbore stability through well placement optimization and reservoir-characterization data.


Logging While Drilling

  • Services
  • Gamma Logging
  • Neutron Porosity & Density Logging
  • Resistivity Logging
  • Sonic Logging
  • Borehole Imaging
  • Pressure Testing
  • Well Placement
  • Features
  • Measure shale volume
  • Pore pressure evaluation, petrophysical measurements
  • Resistivity measurements
  • Seismic data measurements
  • Characterize natural and stress fractures
  • Advantages
  • Real-time well placement
  • Determine water saturation, lithology and porosity
  • Guided well placement
  • Determine rock porosity
  • Borehole environment visualization
  • Benefits
  • Mitigate drilling hazards
  • Stay in-zone, maximize production
  • Petrophysical analysis
  • Identify stratigraphic dips
  • Detect boundaries while drilling
  • Properly characterize facies
  • Reservoir evaluations

Surveys & Well Control

Intelligent Drilling With Unmanned Surveys

Eliminate the need for additional manpower on the drill site and increase your rate of penetration by monitoring for deviations in real-time. Unmanned survey tools replace traditional wireline inclinations and provide accurate, sublime data that allows you to drill more aggressively, reducing your drill time. Through unmanned surveys Firethorne Drilling Services can accommodate a variety of scenarios, from low-risk to complex and high risk drilling.

Vertical Well Control

Blowouts with very grave consequences are a result of the improper handling of kicks in oil well control. Situational awareness plays an important role to avert blowouts. Firethorne Drilling Services puts procedures in place prior to siting a new rig position. From drilling and completion to workover, snubbing and other drilling-related operations proper oil well control increases the ability to regain hydrostatic control of a well in the event of a kick.


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