Permian Tough “PTGen2” Drilling Motor

PT stands for “Permian Tough” and “Patriot”. Firethorne and Patriot Downhole Tools merged together in 2018, the same time we started working on toughing up the Patriot motor, making it into the current 2nd Generation, “Permian Tough” motor.

  • Oil Sealed Bearing Pack

    We do not think drilling mud makes a very good lubricant for bearings so we have sealed off our bearings with a redundant sealing system that successfully keeps our oil in the motor and drilling mud out.

  • Proprietary Motor Threads

    The motor is held together with our own double shoulder, high torque, proprietary thread. To test and prove our new thread design, we deployed the motor to drill big, deep disposal wells in the hardest rock of the Delaware Basin. After two years of testing, we are confident it is the toughest motor body and driveline thread in the industry.

  • High Torque Power Sections

    For motor torque, we maintain a high quality fleet of power sections, well maintained and optimized to meet your drilling needs.

  • Quality Servicing

    Of course the best iron and power will not perform without good maintenance and good people running your shop. Our own in house tracking software gives us real time visibility and control of all components through their cradle to grave life span.

  • Integration of Quality

    When you combine good design, quality components, trained technicians and API, TH Hill driven processes, you have one tough motor and therefore we feel confident saying “our motor is Permian Tough”.

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